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-there were moths and butterflies emerging out of their cocoon-

stretching out their wings, taking flight and escaping their chrysalis.

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we kiss because we trust.
Home to Moths and Butterflies written by Thea. Pairings featured are JaeSu [main focus], YooSu, JaeChun, and JaeSuChun. Feel free to join/watch the community; this story is now completed.

Warning(s): Suicidal ideation, severe instances of homophobia, depression, unhealthy relationship dynamics, abuse. I wrote this story when I was sixteen lol, it's not the most realistic fic ever but it was inspired by RL stuff and it was what I wrote while coming to terms with personal issues. I would have deleted this but a lot of JaeSu fans enjoyed it greatly so I'm loath to do so. Anyway! If you come across this fic, enjoy and please do backspace if you're not. I've been told it's a heavy and difficult/fucked up story to read.

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